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Carlsbad, California 92011
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Black Owned Tughskn
December 22, 2018

Tughskn®, Official Brand of the DAP

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    Streetwear, Fitness

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Authentic Hustle Gear, It's a Lifestyle Fam!

TughSkn is a characteristic for the people who know what it means to fight against all odds to achieve success through true grit. Tughskn is a mindset of never surrender and living a lifestyle of consistency. Tughskn is also a sign of respect. The lifestyle of Respect with Zero Surrender.

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Let’s collaborate

Send us an email, to discuss a new project.

We’re all about creativity so if you have an idea that you want to swing our way, maybe you’re an athlete that wants to rock our gear, by all means, shoot us an email.

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